Preparing Your Research

I have given a lot of thought to my MA thesis project. Especially since my reasons for continuing my graduate study was to become a better writer. Truthfully, I wish I could just get an MA in creative writing. But since that is not an option for me, I have to reconsider what I care enough about to research. 

I'm a middle school teacher. A reading and writing teacher. This year I was afforded the opportunity to step out of that role and into the role of history/slash writing teacher. Making the move out a tested subject gives me a little more freedom to teach things I'm passionate about. This is a gift and a curse. Since I am not in a tested subject I do not get all of the resources as the ELA or Math teachers so I can't stay on trend and get the resources that I need. 

So, after much consideration I think I've found something that I want to research. Given the political climate of our country I have been obsessed with all things politics. The things that are taking place in Washington is almost as unrealistic and as removed from reality as many of the reality or trashy TV shows that I sometimes tune in and out of. In this world of "fake news" I am very curious about how we will write about the times in which we are experiencing. If fact checking and research and sources are becoming a thing of the past in politics -- how will this play out from a writing perspective. 

I am leaning towards researching social writing and journalist writing. Reporting of the news and writing opinion pieces for current issues. In this time of Twitter, Facebook and blogging how can we determine which written sources to trust? Especially when things can be shared and viewed over a million times and just because it is there or Googleable people assume that is true.   

I am sure I will narrow and refine this inquiry at some point. But I am trying to stay true to my interests. And as of write now it is writing wishing a social context-- only when my writing isn't purely creative. 


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